2009-02-01: Nowick, Gingiss, and Uribe to Receive 2009 NOGLSTP GLBT Awards Recognizing Their Contributions to the Fields of Science and Technology

For Immediate Release

Date: February 1, 2009

Nowick, Gingiss, and Uribe to Receive 2009 NOGLSTP GLBT Awards
Recognizing Their Contributions to the Fields of Science and Technology

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2009 NOGLSTP Recognition Award Recipients:

2009 NOGLSTP Scientist of the Year: James Nowick, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry at UC Irvine. Dr. Nowick’s research focuses on peptidomimetic chemistry, molecular recognition, and supramolecular chemistry, ie, understanding, emulating, and controlling the structure and interactions of proteins. Practical applications of this research include the development of agents to block the aggregation of peptides and proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease, and the development of molecular nanotechnology that may someday be able to alter and control the functioning of living cells. Dr. Nowick is also an activist for GLBT issues, teaching a course called Queer Scientists, Queer Science, mobilizing UCI faculty members in the fight against California’s Proposition 8, mentoring GLBT STEM students, and networking with / advising GLBT colleagues throughout North America. Dr. Nowick received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from MIT.

2009 NOGLSTP Engineer of the Year: Anthony J. Gingiss, M.S., Systems Engineering Integration and Test Manager for the GPS IIF Program at Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems in El Segundo, CA. The global positioning system IIF (GPS IIF) is an upgrade of the original GPS, which is a worldwide timing and navigation system that utilizes 24 satellites positioned in orbit approximately 12,000 miles above the Earth’s surface. Mr. Gingiss’ responsibilities on this project include all systems engineering spanning both Space and Control Segments, Flight Products, and Mission Readiness and Mission Operations Support. Mr. is President Emeritus of the El Segundo California chapter of the Boeing Employee Association of Gays, Lesbians, and Friends (BEAGLES). He has been active in the leadership of the LGBT Employee Resource Group at Boeing and Legacy Hughes Space and Communications since the mid 1990s. Mr. Gingiss received his MS in Aerospace Engineering from MIT.

2009 NOGLSTP Educator of the Year: Virginia Uribe, Ph.D., retired high school science teacher, counselor, and founder of Project 10. Project 10 — launched in 1984 by Dr. Uribe — is a support system for GLBTQ students that has been institutionalized in Los Angeles Unified School District, and serves as a model for similar programs in other school districts throughout the nation. Project 10 focuses on building school-based support for teens by training school personnel in conflict resolution and suicide prevention, helping students participate in the development of school protection policies and providing access to information about human sexuality. Recognizing that GLBTQ youth need positive adult role models and that post-secondary studies are essential for career and vocational opportunities, Dr. Uribe also started Models of Pride and Models of Excellence. Models of Pride is a full day conference for queer youth and their allies. Models of Excellence is a scholarship program that has awarded over $100000 to LGBTQ Youth. Dr. Uribe’s PhD is in Counseling Psychology.

These people will be honored at the annual NOGLSTP Recognition Awards Reception on Sunday February 15, 4-6pm, Hyatt Regency Chicago, during the AAAS Annual Meeting. This event is made possible by a generous donation from the North Dallas GLBTA of the Raytheon Company.

NOGLSTP is a national organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people (and their advocates) employed or interested in scientific or high technology fields. NOGLSTP’s goals include dialogue with professional organizations, disseminating information, improving our members employment and professional environment, opposing anti-queer discrimination and stereotypes, educating the queer, scientific, and general communities, and fostering inter-city contacts among our members. National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists Inc. is a non-profit educational organization under IRS section 501(c)(3), an affiliate of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Affiliated Partner Plus of Mentornet®, a sustaining member of the National Postdoctoral Association, an endorsing society of National Engineering Week, and a founding member of the E-Week Diversity Council.