2011-02-10: Dr. Bill Hendrix, William Huffman and Professor Ronald Buckmire, PhD., receive top honors from National Gay Scientist Organization



Dr. Bill Hendrix, William Huffman and Professor Ronald Buckmire, PhD., receive top honors from National Gay Scientist Organization.


Pasadena, CA February 2011

In his recent State of the Union Address, President Obama stated that the United States is in a race to out innovate the rest of the world. Rochelle Diamond, Chair of the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals, (NOGLSTP) says, GLBT scientists and engineers are already out and innovating. “NOGLSTP recognizes the innovative and groundbreaking work of our gay and lesbian scientists who also contribute to the betterment of their respective companies and society.”

This recognition will be in the form of awards to be presented at a NOGLSTP reception during the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual meeting on February 20, 2011 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington DC.

“Our Recognition Awards were established in 2005 to document and honor the contributions of outstanding GLBT science, engineering and technology professionals and to also honor corporations, academic institutions and businesses that support GLBT professionals so that advancements can be made in those fields”, stated Diamond.

Receiving the NOGLSTP Scientist of the Year is Dr. Bill Hendrix of Dow AgroSciences. Hendrix is working to develop agricultural solutions to help feed a hungry world by developing new controls for seed pests. He has found a way to replace highly toxic molecules with safer alternatives for developing economies.

Dr. Hendrix is also honored for his student mentoring work with MentorNet, as well as his leadership of Dow GLAD (Gay, Lesbians and Allies) Resource Group which was established in 2006. According to Diamond, Hendrix has worked with Dow Chemical to add gender identity to their EEOC statement, as well as add Domestic Partner benefits, and add full transgender medical benefits to their package.

The NOGLSTP Engineer of the Year has been awarded to William Huffman. Huffman works for Northrup Grumman Electronic Systems – Marine Systems. Huffman’s job is to determine root causes for failures to key elements of the Trident Nuclear Submarine Weapons systems by designing and building test modules to simulate field conditions to fix any problems ahead of time.

Diamond says Huffman is recognized as the world wide repair expert on these tactical electronic systems. “We are thankful as a nation that “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was eliminated. We have people like Bill Huffman to thank that for our weapons systems which help defend our country, and are the best, most reliable in the world. Really, where would we be without him?”, asks Diamond.

From humble beginnings all students start, and it’s usually a teacher that gets them on the path of their passion. NOGLSTP understands this and annually awards its Educator of the Year to salute them. This year, Associate Professor and Chair of the Mathematics Department at Occidental College in Los Angeles, Ron Buckmire gets the nod.

Besides teaching numerous math classes at Occidental, Buckmire serves on many GLBT Boards. In 1991, he created The Queer Resources Directory, the oldest online directory for information regarding GLBT people as well as HIV/AIDS. He co-founded Digital Queers in 1997 and in 2006 co-founded the Barbara Jordan/.Bayard Rustin Coalition, which is a Black GLBT civil rights organization.

These Recognition Awards will be presented at the NOGLSTP Awards Reception and Ceremony in Washington DC on February 20, 2011, during the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting.